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We are a charter school of one line, Catalan, inclusive and secular. Our center has a long educational tradition in the neighborhood and in the city, and we respond to the educational needs of students from Kindergarten through 4th grade. We are an educational community that welcomes children, their families and education professionals. The educational team is made up of teachers, professors from the psycho-pedagogical team, professionals from the Kindergarten, administration staff and a conversation assistant. We all share a common goal: that children achieve academic, emotional, personal, and social success and, above all, be happy.

Communication and transparency in dealing with families characterizes us and makes us a school that is close and accessible to everyone. We have a stable team that allows us to maintain a common pedagogical line and follow up on students throughout their schooling.

Escola Alegre - Pinces amb dibuixos

Educational Project

We are committed to educational innovation

We work to train people in a space that enriches knowledge and positive values, having dialogue as a basis for coexistence. The entire team of the center seeks to develop an integrated and active teaching to foster the capacity for observation, analysis, research and criticism through cooperative work and project-based learning. Our school is defined as a pioneering school in educational and multilingual innovation, as it is firmly committed to the teaching of languages with a vision for the future.

Educational values

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For years we have been committed to a multilingual school and incorporate English in many of the curricular subjects, such as music, robotics, plastic, science and dance.

Artistic education

We promote the artistic dimension through classes of body expression, music and plastic within the school schedule, giving it the same importance as the other subjects.

Digital thinking

From kindergarten to ESO , robotics, programming and computational thinking are worked on. In addition, digital tools are used in our classrooms day by day at different times.

Personal development

We believe in an integral education for all our students, for this reason we strive to educate in values and train people for the future.

More than 50 years as an educational center in L’Hospitalet del Llobregat.

Family and school

We encourage family reconciliation

A good communication and relationship between the family and the school is essential to be able to work in the same line and create common bridges in the education of all students. We believe that having families informed about the day-to-day life of their children encourages their involvement in school. In order to have this continuous contact we have several tools, such as the ClickEdu platform, where teachers share daily grades, email, individual interviews, etc.


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