6 to 12 years

The main objective of the primary stage is to educate students in values and help them develop their own abilities to get the best version of themselves. We ensure that all students achieve the basic skills of the stage. We work on all subjects in a transversal and interdisciplinary way.


The different cycles of Primary Education are:

Initial Cycle

It is the beginning of a very important stage where the learning of reading and writing is enhanced. Cooperative work in groups is prioritized through an active methodology where the student is the protagonist of their learning process.

Middle Cycle

This cycle is a good time for students to start achieving organizational and study habits. Without neglecting everything they have already learned before, we continue in the same methodological line and incorporate new knowledge and work to help them learn new skills and develop new capabilities.

Higher Cycle

One of the axes of this stage is cooperative work in which respect for others is prioritized. We do not leave aside an important improvement in autonomy and perseverance in the face of the next challenge, which will be Secondary Education.

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