Dining service

Adapted menus

We see the dining space as a place that offers an ideal time to encourage and educate our students in hygiene and eating habits. ach menu is prepared by nutrition professionals and all the food intolerances of the students are taken into account. In order to respond to the diversity, different menus are offered:


Reception Service

8 h to 9 h

We offered families the possibility of using the morning reception service, from 8 am. to 9 am. In this service, students can enjoy a leisure time with the monitors of this recreational space.

Psychopedagogical Office

Every student is different and has very varied needs. In order to be able to provide adequate and as close support as possible, we have the work of the Psychopedagogical Office. Its task is to accompany families, give tools to children and support the work of teachers by giving a series of specific actions for each case, in the different educational stages throughout school life keeping in mind the evolutionary and maturational process. of each of the students.

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